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14. The Soul And David Syme II

Acrylic on linen

48” x 36”

xx 2023

Our focus in Australia currently is on trying to address the errors of imperial invasion and settlement and establishing sovereignty with Australia’s original peoples after such cruel subjugation. I am aware that it is not “in vogue” to be fascinated by our colonial history.

Is it distasteful then that I would choose to focus on David Syme, who is one of the world’s first media tycoons and the original owner of The Age newspaper? Besides the fact that the tomb is a stunning example of Egyptianized architecture, why have I taken such an interest in the man for whom it was built?

The slightly off-centre photo for this painting is one of many taken by me.

The images of the gods – again HetHrt and this time Djehuti without the Hellenic and Roman syncretic attributes – are again based on statues.

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