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the netjeru in new york city

(october 2016)

I make Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) art. My art is a personal reflection of the influence that Kemet and the Netjeru have in my life, and my interpretations of what this means. 

Egyptomania has been a phenomenon since Napoleon marched into Egypt in 1798 and the discipline that we know today as Egyptology was born. My paintings form part of a new era where this re-emergence has taken on deeper meaning and explores the legacy of that civilisation in a rich, personal context. Egyptology provides the skeleton of Ancient Kemet, and my art brings a flesh that rebirths its’ mysteries.

Interested in Ancient Egypt since childhood, I had not awakened to the depths of it until I visited Cairo in 2010. The unfolding within me that occurred after this visit reawakened my urge to paint again – I had not painted since much earlier in my life and had instead embarked upon a performing career. The peeping under the veil of life – the unending search for answers to the mysteries of life – began to answer back, as I continued this journey of art in Kemeticism.


My art appeals to those with an interest in mystical, Egyptological and Kemetic ideas that are rendered in a modern context. Some of my paintings are now in private collections, and one graces the cover of an Egyptology book that explores the Kemetic re-emergence referenced above. A solo exhibition of my work, Neo Pharaonic was held in 2018 in Melbourne, Australia, and a documentary that was made about it has been shown in film festivals internationally, winning an award in one also.



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