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Artist Statement

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The doors of the basin of the starry sky are thrown open to me           

And I go through them.

My leopard skin is on me

And my sceptre is in my hand.

The Pyramid Texts

Utterance 469, Lines 907b - d

Pyramid of King Pepi I

Old Kingdom (6th Dynasty) circa 2332 – 2287 BC  

(for hieroglyphic text of this phrase see below)



I am interested in the sacred expressed through art.


The sacred is that which contains the very mystery of who we are.


The Netjeru draw my attention to this.


In my art I seek to go beyond the confines of what religion may be / is, to that numinous dimension that is embracing, threatening, welcoming, hostile and mysterious.


Dazzled By The Mirror Of Heaven hierogly

This is the hieroglyphic text of the phrase from King Pepi 1st's  pyramid referenced above, featured in my painting 

Dazzled By The Mirror Of Heaven.

The phrase is also featured in the paintings Magickal 142 and Kemetery.

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