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storytelling 2020

I use storytelling to convey new ways of experiencing my art. The modern tech of videos and computers meeting the ancient and numinous is a realm that I have dabbled in with my documentaries, music videos and performance  art films. I do this hoping that new audiences will find a way to appreciate my paintings.

The Praying Mantis God Of Ancient Egypt documentary

HTTSS release day (1).png

4 Year

Anniversary of

The Netjeru In New York City

December 2020


Today is the official release day of Hymn To The Soul Serpent (Hymn To Nehebukau) as a music video and a 4 track album. Both formats were released on opposite sides of the world as the new moon appeared earlier today. (I am based in Australia and GB is based in the US).

The music video has already been nominated for best music video in the Golden Earth Film Awards online film festival.

Check out the short version of the film clip 

And the extended Python Reticulatis mix  

Here is the link to downloading the album 

From my Film Freeways blurb:

"Nehebukau is a lesser known Egyptian god but a powerful deity nonetheless; this song is a prayer and a magick that evokes the deity Himself and the 9 aspects of the soul that the Egyptians articulated.
Industrial ambient techno composed by GB Marian forms the luscious backbone of this track, whilst the video features lyricist and director Setken indulging his fascination with Athletic Model Guild (AMG) style films and Kemetic iconography as 10 paintings of his featuring Nehebukau are shown throughout.
Location scenery featured in this film clip includes a heritage listed Masonic Hall in Sandringham, Melbourne, and the picturesque Sorrento Back Beach on the Victorian Coast".

hymn to nehebukau end still .png

October 2020


Untitled design (2).png

September 2020

New Documentary Coming Up!

A new short documentary is on the way about the Netjer Abyt. It will be released exclusively to my Patreons first. 


I had a lot of fun creating the various sequences of this project and Christian has done a wonderful job pulling it together with his brilliant editing.


A piece of music called Mantis Religiosa was created especially for the documentary by my friend GB Marian. My friend Ptahmassu supplied the texts featured in the doco where Abyt is mentioned.

abyt doco for masthead.png
Untitled design (1).png

July 2020

Lots of works on the go as the 2nd half of the year pulls into gear. Biggest news is my finally getting a Patreon going.


The reasons for not setting this up earlier are too numerous, and needless to say I have moved past that point now.

There is so much artistically that I wish to achieve, and this ultimately comes down to being able to afford a lifestyle that allows me to do so. My output and creativity levels go through the roof when I am not worrying over money. And this is the reason I have established the Patreon.

What lies ahead?

More art, a video project or two, and creation of Patreon only content for those that have subscribed.I release all new images of my paintings on Patreon first before other platforms, and already have ammassed a lot of Patreon only content.


The tier range to support me on is broad ($3- a month to $100- a month) and to be honest I am grateful for any contribution. Go here if you want to check it out.

More Ryan M Photos

As mentioned in earlier news this year, I did a shoot with Ryan M Photography. 2 photos serve as the base for images in upcoming paintings, and I have featured them to the right.

k title resize a.jpg

March 2020

I have been preparing for a live feed release of my latest painting Kemetery which will be done in conjunction with Spacetone Label. Stay tuned to my Instagram page to find out when it's happening.

I have also updated my artist profile pic with these fun images that tribute my return to getting back into bodybuilding and having fun in general after a few years of not so much fun. The photoshopping of my skin was done by Kitten.

These photos and upcoming ones I have just made with photographer Ryan M Photography say something about me as the artist creating the simultaneously sacred and profane paintings that make up my catalogue.

I need to be isolated and shut off from the world when I make my paintings. This is in sharp contrast to my exhibtionist nature that has seen me live life as an actor, entertainer and performance artist.


Somehow these two parts of me are converging as my paintings emerge and my true self is discovered. 

The red skin is a salute and tribute to Lord Set.

setken-20200207_231737_RED c.jpg
setken 2020 feb c-REDDER B.jpg
Setken-20200207_231954_RED d.jpg

Late March 2020

Below is the video from the live feed release of Kemetery mentioned above. To the right is the first image from the also mentioned above shoot with Ryan M Photography.

DSC05875- priority-3.jpg
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