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11. The Book Of The Divine Insects

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Acrylic on linen,

48” x 24”

October 2022

I have written the narrative and am designing the gameplay of a computer game that shares the same name as this painting.

I commenced studying Computer Game Design at TAFE last year and am completing the Cert IV. I want to explore the options that have emerged over recent years for showing/displaying paintings that exist alongside of the usual gallery setting.

The landing page of a computer game is called a splash page, and this is what the painting The Book Of the Divine Insects is.

Each of the three levels of the game is presided over by an insect god: (from left) Sepa (centipede), Khepera (scarab) and Abyt (praying mantis). Separate paintings are in the works for each of these levels.

Below are early model assets I have created for the game using (primarily) Maya.

Base environment WIP for mausoleum Level 2.2 (Book Of Khepera)

Djed melee wand


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