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8. Winged Sekhmet

Updated: Feb 27

Acrylic on linen

72” x 48”

September 2022

This painting of the goddess was a long time coming.

The hieroglyphic text for this piece was transliterated by my friend Matt Whealton who sadly passed away in 2021. I met Matt at Pantheacon in 2015 and we kept in touch ever since. I am saddened by his passing but know that his work with the sacred words of the gods lives on in this work.

The text reads:

Adoration to the Great Lady of Heaven

Adoration to Sekhmet Who spreads out Her wings

Mistress of the two lands

Daughter of Ra

Hail holy mistress

Lady of flame

Lady of pestilence

Who makes live those who petition Her

May You shine upon us with all the great powers which are in You

And may we receive Your blessings in abundance forever and ever

Study for Winged Sekhmet, June 2020

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