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I use storytelling to convey new ways of experiencing my art. The modern tech of videos and computers meeting the ancient and numinous is a realm that I have dabbled in with my documentaries, music videos and performance art films. I do this hoping that new audiences will find a way to appreciate my paintings.

4 Year

Anniversary of

The Netjeru In New York City

December 2021

The Aither interview

I did this interview with the online arts magazine The Aither. It was fun. Go here to read the article.



February 2021

Storytelling Postcards

My Patrons are special to me because they have pledged their support for what I do by helping me survive to do what I do.


This allows me to flourish.

To thank them, each were sent this set of postcards featuring 3 of my paintings:

Kemetery (2020)

Hierophany (2019)


The Ark of Millions (2014)

If you would like a set, you can join at the lowest tier of my Patreon ($3-  a month) and I will send you a set.


Whether you choose to stick around for a year or a month, I will be very grateful, and you will get a set of these postcards.

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