I use storytelling to convey new ways of experiencing my art. The modern tech of videos and computers meeting the ancient and numinous is a realm that I have dabbled in with my documentaries, music videos and performance art films. I do this hoping that new audiences will find a way to appreciate my paintings.

The Praying Mantis God Of Ancient Egypt documentary

4 Year

Anniversary of

The Netjeru In New York City

February 2021

Storytelling Postcards

My Patrons are special to me because they have pledged their support for what I do by helping me survive to do what I do.


This allows me to flourish.

To thank them, each were sent this set of postcards featuring 3 of my paintings:

Kemetery (2020)

Hierophany (2019)


The Ark of Millions (2014)

If you would like a set, you can join at the lowest tier of my Patreon ($3-  a month) and I will send you a set.


Whether you choose to stick around for a year or a month, I will be very grateful, and you will get a set of these postcards.