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9. Winged Heru

Updated: May 6, 2023

Acrylic on linen

72” x 48”

July 2017

Heru (classically Horus) is a falcon god often confused with other falcon deities. There are actually two Heru’s: the elder (Heru Ur) and the younger (Heru Sa Auset – son of Isis).

This painting is of Heru The Elder, brother of Set, and is the other one of the two previously mentioned paintings that was featured in my 2018 exhibition.

Again, the text was written by me and transliterated by Dr. Tamara Siuda. It reads:

Hail Lord Heru Golden one Whose body is sky and Whose eyes are moon and sun Bone breaker Lord of the sky May You grant me the powers of strength, courage, and perseverance May this be a million times true now and forever and ever

This sketch from 2016 resulted in the painting shown in this exhibition, but there were other earlier sketches for Winged Heru that did not make the final cut


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