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storytelling 2018

October 2018


The Neo Pharaonic doco has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the California based International Independent Film Awards.

This is the 2nd acknowledgement of the documentary internationally and it's a pleasing affirmation of what I am doing.

September 2018











The documentary about my exhibition from earlier this year, Neo Pharaonic, has been selected for the Great Lakes International Film Festival, held in Pennsylvania, United States.

I am very pleased about this and hope that it helps to broaden my audience.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2018 Great Lakes In

August 2018

I am fortunate to have been included amongst the first guests to be featured on the newly

launched Profane Egyptologist podcast.

The interview has been broadcast in 2 parts with Part 1 being a background to my artistic

career, and Part 2 discussing the art in depth including specific paintings.

I love the insightful questions that Paul asked, and subsequently it has allowed me to deeply

reflect on the genesis of my painting career and the elements that have brought it about. I really should have kept my answers briefer to allow him to ask more interesting stuff! I can see this podcast really taking off.

Please go to this page to see the show notes Paul has included that cover the topics we discuss. Hilariously he has put a link in there because of my mentioning that my first (and recent!) experience in snow included absolutely freezing balls as I had not brought appropriate clothing with me for a New York winter. (It was pointed out to me afterwards that the combination of underwear fabric and the jeans I was wearing created a sensation that made me feel like I had pissed myself all the time; wandering around the icebox that was New York at that time and being paranoid about having a wet patch on my crotch was not much fun I assure you).

Paul's book features one of my paintings on the cover and it is an excellent read. You can get it here.

July 2018
Documentary about Neo Pharaonic exhibition by Spacetone

My exhibition from earlier this year has been captured in this wonderful 15 minute documentary by Spacetone.
All 25 pieces of art displayed are featured, as well as scenes from opening night.
June 2018
Questing Set

My exhibition from earlier this year has been featured in a journal called Questing Set.
The journal (which is planned to be an annual publication) features art, articles and ideas relating to the Netjer Set as well as the Typhonian current associated with Him that many can see manifesting in this current era.
The joy of seeing this fine and generous spread about my exhibition comes at a time when the gallery that I staged it in has sadly recently closed.
The traditional idea of displaying art worked splendidly for me in that 3 day event, and Artboy was the perfect venue. In the wake of it closing I am reminded of my strong desire to explore other ways to do so.
I have 3 paintings waiting for manifestation on my easels, and am working on new ideas for expressing them and my art in the world. 

Finishing a new painting, Dazzled By The Mirror Of Heaven. Memorial I can be seen hanging on my studio wall in the background;

photo taken on June 9th 2018 by Kitten

A post I put up on social sites to let peeps know I am still around and busy creating; I got some new Golden colors, working out more stencil and spray paint capers, and you can see some sketches for new work Magickal 142; the book is eternal inspiration

Questing Set journal cover; it's a fine tome with fine work inside

February 2018
Neo Pharaonic - The Art Of Setken

My debut exhibition is a 3 day affair on February 9, 10 and 11 at Artboy Gallery in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia.
Featuring 25 of my works from 2012 to this very month, the event is a marker in my career as an emerging artist. 
Apart from all of the challenges of staging an exhbition, I have also been learning stencil and spray techniques whcih I really enjoy! 
The exhibition debuts my latest work, a triptych called Memorial which I spent most of the last half of last year and virtually all of this year so far completing.
It is a rendering of colonial Melbourne figure David Syme's monumental tomb located in a local Melbourne cemetery. It is a rendering of Trajan's kiosk on Philae island, and I in turn have rendered it across 3 paintings.
Some of the funds generated by sale of the triptych will be donated to having the Heritage Listed monument restored.
I hope to meet you at my exhibition. Opening night is Friday 9th from 6pm - 8pm.
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