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6. Sepulchre

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Cabinet: 40" x 33.5" Foamed PVC panels, perspex

Mixed media on 9 canvases

5" x 7" (acrylic, copper leaf, genuine platinum leaf, 23 carat gold leaf, molding paste, plastic, acetate film, semen, pigment, glass, silicone)

May 2023

I have addressed my fascination with Ancient Egyptian soul anatomy across many paintings, Material Immortality notably so.

This new work of 9 smaller mixed-media paintings has its own setting designed to house them. The panel and perspex cartouche design was then executed by AB create, who is also a sponsor of this exhibition. (AB Create also made the top part cradle of my entry for Dollhouse Gallery's Ken doll exhibition last month and the VIP tags).

My exploration of soul anatomy is ongoing and changes the deeper my studies and experiential excursions go. It is becoming easier to express these ideas as works of art than writing or talking about them. A map:

The image for the Khat piece is taken from a photograph by RM Photography in January this year. I have a background in bodybuilding, modeling, and acting, and these pop through my paintings from time to time.



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